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My name is Alex Taylor and will tell u in brief about our company called Tesla Pharmacy. A while back I had graduated from the University of Cambridge, exactly the one which is in the UK, and met my future friend and partner from China Naoki Cheng. Both of us, me and my partner, were into doing sports and healthy lifestyles, taking part in the tournaments and winning prizes. After a little while we found ourselves in the industry of fitness. It didn't take long for us to overthink and apply our knowledge of medicine for practical creation of an essential product for the sportsmen that would drive them to achieving higher results. Despite the market being overflooded with the stimulants, we were determined to become number 1 in this field. In 2015 we've tried ourselves in anabolic steroid’s production. We pursued the goal of creating a product that would correspond to the demands of the market. Ilon Mask is a remarkable person, hence pretty soon we came up with the name for our company that would revolutionize the world. The first trial batch of the product was launched in HongKong. Since we had achieved satisfaction of consumers, we decided to go on with the production process . As of today, we can offer an assortment of 19 high quality stimulants. In the future we hope to diversify it even more. Also we r planning to add a hormone of growth and set or own clothing brand. We will keep u well advance informed. We don't encourage anyone to using anabolic Steroids. Everyone should think for him/herself. Everyone is entirely responsible for own self and own health.

We value and appreciate ur trust.

Keep following us.

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