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Our forum is an independent source of information about bodybuilding, powerlifting and other types of power sports. Every day we update the rating of the top and most popular sports pharmacology stores for your convenience and making safe purchases without fraud and scam.

Here you can find a large amount of useful and most importantly reliable information about pharmacology, steroids and the consequences of their use, about weight gaining and “drying” cycles. Feel absolutely free to ask for advice from your like-minded people and experienced forum consultants 24/7, because there is no strict censorship and any forbidden topics.

The forum will help you find like-minded people, openly exchange experience and information that may be interesting and useful to people interested in this topic, get valuable advice and new knowledge in the field of sports pharmacology, steroids, growth hormone and their application.

On the forum you can find links to reliable and proven stores and sites where you can buy high-quality original products for any purpose and for any budget.

We are not afraid of the words "Pharma" and "steroids", we know what it is and "what it is eaten with".

Roidslist is an independent platform for communication, exchange of experience, gaining new knowledge and searching for the most truthful and useful information, as well as a platform that will keep you up to date with the latest and top news in the field of sports pharmacology and everything related to it.

Roidslist will give you all the necessary information about manufacturers of steroids and growth hormone, about sports nutrition.

We can host stores of growth hormone and steroids, sports nutrition and pharmacology.

Here you can read real honest reviews about the work of stores and their products, as well as about manufacturers and brands.

Roidslist also offers the ability to post your stores on the forum. We consider any options for mutually beneficial cooperation and will provide 24/7 support.

Welcome to the most outspoken forum on the Internet.

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