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Payment emails/invoices and notifications will automatically be sent to you upon submitting your order to complete payment simply follow instructions provided. If any doubt please contact customer service.  Email clients such as Gmail,Yahoo and Hotmail are not recommended as they route our reply to the spam/junk folder. Upon ordering and receiving payment details, you have 48 HOURS to complete your payment pass this point your order will be canceled at any time. When payment is submitted by WU / MG please allow 48 hours for us to pick up your payment and prepare order for shipping. WE DO NOT TAKE RETURNS ALL SALES ARE FINAL PAYMENT SUBMISSIONS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 48 HOURS!

Do not place an order unless you intend to complete payment within 48 hours.

Once you have received payment instructions you will have 48 hours to complete your payment. If the order remains unpaid after 48 hours we may cancel your order at any time.

If this happens then you will need to reorder, at which point there is a possibility that not all of the products you had originally ordered are still in stock.

We are very tolerant with our 48 hour rule and if you feel you might need extra time to complete your payment then please just simply contact us asking for extra time and we will grant you an extra 48 hours or send you new payment info.


WE CURRENTLY ACCEPT BITCOIN, MONEYGRAM, WESTERN UNION AND BANK TRANSFER (bank transfer only valid for bulk orders 3000 usd or more)

SHIPPING -  Airmail / EMS / Courier 

We ship to all international destinations. The shipping options will either be: Airmail tracked and signed for, EMS tracked and signed for or courier tracked and signed for which you will have a choice of when checking out. We advise countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, West Coast USA and Brazil to use the AIRMAIL option, as this method tends to have the highest rate of success in clearing customs. However this is your choice! We also advise these countries to add note 'Stealth' shipping option when checking out.

Depending on your location you can expect to receive your order anywhere between 2-25 working days.

NB .Please note we ship from different locations so you order may come in one or more parcels

Estimated shipping times:

US to US DOMESTIC: 4-14 Days

INTERNATIONAL: Courier : 1-2 weeks- world wide EMS : 1-3 weeks- world wide Airmail : 1-4 weeks- world wide

Note Request for : Cold chain items (EPO, Premixed rHGH, Insulin)  We will ship all needed cold chain items with an ice pack to prevent products from degrading during transit.

We have an excellent success rate in clearing customs and we will always do everything possible to ensure you receive your order, however we DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility for Customs seizures! We also do not take any responsibility for delivery's damaged, delayed or lost by international postal services. RESHIP POLICY:  -We provide 1 FREE reship (customer need to prove order seizure with valid customs seizure letter/ note) Note: Full reship policy do not apply for promos or discounted items. Q&A: MINIMUM ORDER?

No minimum for orders paid with Bitcoin $150 for orders paid with MG and WU Missing Items? Please note we ship from various locations and if an order is to big to fit in one parcel we will then split up your order  and ship in multiple parcels. We will only accept claims if the package is pictured in its original packaging. Once you break the seal of it, consider it voided and tampered. We photograph every order prior to shipping by order number and keep a record for our own assurance Suspicious? Your package will look no different if you were to order off any online website i.e. Amazon, Ebay etc. We take great pride in your security as well as our own. We also offer a 'Repacking Stealth' shipping option with very high passing rate ! -recommended for customers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South Korea and Singapore. Damaged products during transit: We cannot be held responsible for the mistreatment of packages by the courier. You agree to this when ordering with us.

Substitution: From time to time it happens we run out of stock on certain items we will then attempt a substitution with products of different brand.

Delays: Customer will be compensated for any delays caused by us.

Bulk orders and bulk discount? We welcome any order size and provide discount for bulk orders and can provide drop shipping services as well for anyone interested for more info on these services please contact us regarding this matter. Items not listed ?  We have access to over 9000 NON controlled items so if you have a special request for items not listed please let us know and we will see if its available for your purchase.

We do not deal with any forms of narcotics - We Bodybuildnot bodydestroy"

CONTACT: You can always contact us via the contact page -We will normally answer you within 24 hours. (Mon-Friday)

Our reps are also ready to answer any questions you might have on the boards we sponsor

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